Server problems, anyone?

Currently having various problems accessing all servers. Anyone else?


Yes I have

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Can confirm. Disappearing aircraft when in game.


Hope this gets fixed soon as I need to get from KAUS to KDFW before 10pm UK/Zulu

On my end too, I’m getting the “Your account details couldn’t be loaded to start an online session” message.


That’s the one.

Yup. All servers down. Guess we need to wait for staff

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Yup. Now we wait * sigh *…

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On my end too…

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Same. Can’t even connect.

Couldn’t connect for a minute, then everything is working again…

Was like this for me before, seems like it solved itself on my end.

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Everything seems fine here. What server are you trying to connect to?


It stabilised again and works fine again on my end

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Came back for me just now. Starting a flight works as well. Seems to have fixed it self 🙂

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I was on the menu screen about to start a flight, received an error saying my account could not be loaded, exited out of server selection screen… then re-entered without restarting app, then it took a minute (60 seconds actual) for arrival/ATC list to populate… now everything seems to be working perfectly, faster even.

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Thanks for the information! I can’t see anything on our end but we will take a closer look just to be safe. Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone


Not a problem, glad to hear everything is all good :)

I noticed that at SBEG airport. I entered contact with ATIS and after I went to the tower frequency the message atis appeared inside the tower. Also, the aircraft that was nearby was disappearing and coming back.
I can provide replay if needed.

Not sure if this is useful Cam, but the map (on menu screen, preflight) is loading super fast all of a sudden… like hard to explain, it was never “slow” before… sometimes it took a few seconds (3-10) for airports/gates/ground traffic to load… now it’s just instant.

Definitely not complaining… 😄

Nothing on my end has changed, and I have done two flights today - so definitely can confirm this is a lovely new reality.

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