Server problem?

for the whole afternoon of today I could not connect to infinite Flight and infinite, I ask you if anyone has had the same problem. thank you

Try restarting Infinite Flight by totally restarting your device. I have not had any issues on my end but cannot speak for everyone

Nope I have no issues at all.

  1. Try restarting your WiFi router

  2. Restart your device completely

  3. Unistall then reinstall IF

  4. @Starley will proboly have a good answer!

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now for about 30 minutes everything has resumed normally, without performing the restart., really strange


Some friends and I had the same issue but we were able to connect again after some minutes. Probably a little server overload, nothing more. ;)

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thanks guys, and thanks to all the staff for giving me the chance to be a pilot at my age (69). Hello to all