Server problem?

Hey guys,

Am I the only once who can’t log into the online servers??
It’s not loading…image
Help would be much appreciated

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This is a common error. Try checking your wifi and closing and reopening Infinite Flight. Normally this is because of your connection, not Infinite Flight.


May I ask, What version of IF are you running and have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting from your internet? Let me know if it doesn’t work :)

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I tried that several times! Still not connecting… I closed the app… turned off my device… and restarted my wifi! I’m running the latest version

Is this server plugged in? Did you wiggle the outlet to make sure it is actually in?
Lol okay it’d probably your internet bud.

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Experiencing the same thing on all my devices.

Have tried to restart device and WiFi multiple times without any success :(

Hope the’ll fix that quickly…

Maybe because there are about 100 folk participating in the Easy jet recruitment event in Amsterdam, almost every parking spot has been taken by a member of the easy jet VA or someone else. There are literally so many people in this region, maybe that’s causing your problem? Overcrowded servers can and have caused a situation for me like this before.

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I’m normally having a quite good connection and a great device memory…

@Darth_Sidious I don’t see 100+ PPL in Amsterdam region…?

Happened to me yesterday, but after 3 minutes waiting, I got into the server.

I didn’t mean 100, it’s over exaggerating, I mean there’s a lot of people there.

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Now this came up… it’s clearly not my internet!
It’s working just fine

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Now it logged me off and I’m unable to log in again 😑

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Hang on I’ll try myself.

Now this

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Must be your wi-fi, I can log in in 2 seconds:

All servers are working perfectly for me.

Thanks for the message to support. I will check with the developers and request a server reset if needed to resolve your issue. Apologies for the inconvenience and we hope to get you back online shortly.

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No issues here! Works like a charm.


It’s not just me experiencing these issues…
I would love to do one more flight today :D
Thanks for the help

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Works just fine on my end as well.

Thank Tyler :)

Hope it’s going to be fixed soon…