Server mods

Hello people of the IFC, for everyone on expert, we have all seen our fair share of people doing stuff you would and should only do in the casual server, or we see something that the IFATC missed when at active airports, and the mods and staff all have busy lives outside of IF for the most part. Which is why i am suggesting they can add server mods. The pilots would have to meet a very strick criteria, and have to pass a written test, in order to be eligible to apply for “Server Mod”. The server mod would be able to give someone a warning, which could pop up on their screen if small offence, if a “Bigger” one like taxiing through someone or taking off in the wrong direction of the flow of traffic, they could get reported 1-4 days based on how severe it is. If someone abused their power and reported someone for something really small and gave them a 4 day report, that persons server mod would be removed and they wouldn’t be eligible again or anyone who abuses the power of having “Server mod”.

Ps: This isn’t a duplicate, all other topics are wanting stricter requirements for expert, i am suggesting another way to maintain order and peace in expert:)

Have a good day and thanks for reading:)