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Gday, found an issue but not to sure if its a regular occurrence for anyone but it is for me.
I only seem to have this problem on my S8 and not on my Ipad or S10.
Like i said it only happens every now and then (still not sure how to reproduce it)
The issue is that when i load into a server the server message text gets all push over to the left hand side (picture below)

How many times has this happened?

We’ve seen this before, and haven’t been able to get a repro for it to be able to determine the root cause yet. But it is known :)


I first noticed it around near the beginning of this month and had ill say about 10 encounters with it. I have just been spending the whole time trying to find the issue again and no luck so we will wait and see

This occurs to me every single session. Let me know if you need anything.

Samsung Galaxy A70

Do you have the latest update as at the moment since I updated my s8 hasn’t happened since

I updated to the latest the other day (it’s been like that previously for as long as I remember anyway).

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