Server Lag

For the first time I just experienced a server lag so bad as the ATC at San Diego that I had to disconnect because I was not getting an accurate display of where people really were. When it looked like they didn’t turn, they did, it was just taking 60 seconds for the map to update. I’d hate to ghost someone for doing it right and me just not getting their updated position in a timely manner. Anyone else having issues today, or is it just me?

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Earlier today some planes (especially ones that were farther away) were disappearing and reappearing for me. Their callsigns wold all turn orange, then come back a few seconds later. I guess for them it said that I went offline, then came online again because I got a bunch of Check in messages and requests from people right after it happened. I was doing KSAN approach on the advanced server.

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Justin DeBord and I were tag teaming KSAN and both just got booted off at the same time.

60 second update times do sound strange. It could be server lag, coupled with user end latency problems. Anything above 100ms will cause havoc by itself. With a slow server, that can cause massive amounts of trouble.

Were those lags on the advanced server?

They were, Matt. I got several FB Messenger texts from other ATCs having similar issues yesterday. Hopefully today will be better. 😃

It looks like we are completely down this morning. I can’t even log in.

Same here.

I wish they would tell us what’s going on! And give us an idea when we will be able to connect again!

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Well, at least there is a solo mode. So it’s not all down. ✈️

Yeh, would hope they’re up today because I’m going away for 2 weeks, I don’t know if i can play IF or not so I would like to fly now :)

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Hopefully this is to fix some bugs, which would probably not take them a whole day. But I might be wrong.

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In what time the servers will be ok ???

We don’t know

who knows???

The developers?

I flight live from Europe (Italy)
Some lags on control flight’s are pretty normal from here.
Especially when there are other planes around me. Both of playground that of advanced