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Hello all, I’m making this topic to bring to light a current issue my friends and I are dealing with and it has become quite the annoyance. As we speak, my colleagues @Nate_Schneller @Rocco_Palen and I are preparing for our Airshow event next month, and we’re doing some formation flying. Now we’ve experienced this enough to tell the difference between server lag, device lag and WiFi lag. This case it was a server lag, what’s happening is on Nate and Rocco’s POV (I’m flight lead) I’m sliding a mile ahead of them then jolting back behind them then back to the correct position repeatedly. Nate has reported to me that even though we share the same ground speed, he cannot maintain formation like he normally would. He would slide in front of me or be several hundred feet behind me even though we all share the same speed without difference. The server is causing our jets to jolt forward and backward and we physically cannot maintain tight formation like how we normally could.

This occurred during a cross country flight last week too, our team of 5 hornets could not get close to our tankers without looking like cartoon characters, and it’s frustrating. We all have well performing devices, and a decently well WiFi connection. Again we have dealt with WiFi issues before and this is not the same, WiFi issues cause a “warp” or a “Tokyo drift” effect, the jets just jump a mile and back within a few seconds.

Sorry for the rambling, but has this been reported before? Is there something we can do to maybe reduce this? We’ve tried removing devices to unclog the WiFi connection, we’ve tried restarting the devices before flying, clearing cache, all that and it still happens.


Can confirm. In several close formation events (I.e. Blue Angels or Heritage Flight) I’ve noticed a very disruptive amount of jolts that have frequently thrown me and several of my friends off attempting very close-in formations. As a side effect, this shaking problem has also affected my airspeed somehow, creating minor turbulence as in sudden and sharp 3kt+ gusts.

I recall back when the MD-11 was released there was a server upgrade by Laura that essentially eliminated the shaking/lag problems of the past update. Nowadays things are no longer smooth enough to maintain my calm when I’m close in fighter formations.

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This is happening to me as well, I’ve noticed it since the last update.


This is true, but it could come down to server or internet infrastructure loads. Have you checked your ping response times on an internet speed test? Otherwise it’s probably on the IF server end or a problem in the IF code.

I remember the peak for formation flights was a couple years back when they introduced the new feature that predicts other aircraft’s next movements and eliminates the jolt effect. Maybe that needs a fix.


It’s a lot of internal stuff going back and forth communicating with each other at once I’d assume especially at close proximities like that. The devs in the past have improved the server speeds but there’s just always going to be a slight delay most likely. Like in multiplayer games there’s gonna be a slight delay over the servers with inputs being made and those inputs being sent to your device and that delay may be what your experiencing since Infinite Flight is online in your case. Just what I’d assume is happening. :)


Oh we’ve got very good routers alright. Time and time again it’s looking like something part of the code. I remember when there wasn’t that much jolting at all. It would just happen every now and then but not as frequently as we’re seeing


It’s not so much the routers, it’s your bandwith, internet speed, and whether you’re using fiber or ADSL connection.

Ping / response time, that is what matters. If you have 2mbps or 500mbps doesn’t matter for Infinite Flight.

It could very well be, that the increased load experienced on every single connection all over the world now is degrading the experience here. The load have in some places around the world gone up by 100%.

But, that depends on how long this has been going on for you?


Since early March I believe. That’s when it started to get quite uncomfortable. There was some shaking before that time but not enough to completely throw me off at times

With everything in IF, there’s bound to be server lag. There’s more pilots than ever on the servers which is good but also can create disruptions.

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