Server kick/ban system for Training Server

I get what you mean and I had the same concerns before being IFATC. I wanted to freely control airports in the TS because I wasn’t dependent on anything and I was controlling on my own.

To those who are repeating “be an IFATC”, this is not a solution to the problem. The topic deals with the training server and not the expert server: you’re giving to the person who posted the topic an alternative, not a solution.

Now, when it comes to the problem and the solution you’ve presented, let me first of all tell you that anyone that is trolling, even on the TS, can be reported to a moderator and be disciplined. This is something I’ve learned recently before applying to IFATC. In other cases, you unfortunately need to work with them.
I don’t think that it would be possible and 100% safe to make an automatic system to sanction people who don’t follow instructions on a technical point of view. In addition, the TS is the first server where you’ll have ATC and, therefore, it’s also a server where you could make mistakes so that you can evolve later. That’s the whole purpose of the TS: make you - as a pilot and/or a controller - evolve and strengthen your skills!
That’s why I’m not agreeing with your suggestion to sanction people who don’t follow instructions. Because it would be technically difficult, if not impossible, and because they might not do it on purpose.


So what’s your point because no one is following you

Probably the guy had aircraft count set to low and didnt see you. He probably wasnt looking at the map either

And TS is Just Training Server.

Not a Expert. We need to practice with ATC before entering ES.

The maliciously disturbing children are inevitable

Because Just a Practice/training

I think the op wants to become a controller; however, he’s trying to get better at his skills, and pilots are ruining it for him.


That’s not the point of the topic, thank you.

I know man, the least what I can do is making a request for an auto kick/ban system that has nothing to do with reports. if it’s get picked up or not is not in my hands. I just wanted to get out an idea of counter griefers intentially doing this.

Agreed. But it is what it is, Training Server.

There are tips that have been given in the thread to help with this.

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Let’s remember that this is a request though. We aren’t here to discourage users from voicing their opinion.

And If the plane which is Trolling? Just Ignore it !

The more you care about it, the more you go out

It’s My Experience

I agree, trolls suck. Period. But there has to be some understanding of the servers.

My advice, find a smaller airport with no trolls. Start up a tracking thread and get good community pilots to come help you (it works, trust me).

Much less stress and more fun.

You’ll get there in no time! You’ll be a great ATC when you do :)

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Some users, like to stick to realism sometimes, so it’s not that easy to ignore a troll at all.

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that’s true

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TS is a server to practice according to its name.


I think he did not see you because devices cant render 180+ aircraft and only show a few. He probably didn’t see you and wasn’t looking at his map.

Everyone makes mistakes! Just because a mistake is made doesn’t mean that they are a troll.

If you don’t want to deal with troll users, it’s best to join the IFATC. Good luck. :)

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If I’m not at a busy airport, then I have experience too

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I like the idea, however there is not a good way to implement this in any way shape or form.
(I love controlling on TS when pilots listen, however when it gets to the point where 6+ aircraft are on the runway at the same time i just quit the session.)


  1. Its called training server for a reason(sorry it’s blunt, but its true.
  2. TSATC and pilots are both learning for expert server, so one side should not be given more authority as that will result in chaos.
  3. How would this system work in the first place? TSATC commands are not always correct, pilots sometimes make honest mistakes, and when we are training those mistakes are bound to happen. People deserve to have an environment to learn in without fear of being reprimanded on both sides of the aisle, ATC and Pilots alike.

I know, we all wish trolls would stay on casual but that is in a perfect world where all of us could have a semi-realistic experience on TS as it was meant to be in the first place. As in its definition, training should be a professional environment where everyone is working toward a common goal, reaching the expert server…

Sorry for my long-winded post however there are some alternatives that have been posted earlier on this thread like applying for ifatc, opening a tracking thread, host an event at a smaller airport where people can fly out with ATC… etc.

I know these are not exactly solutions, however they are the only alternatives we have and we must accept it unfortunately.


Think about it… the trolls would go onto an ATC session and report everyone if TS ATC has that authority

That pretty much explains it