Server kick/ban system for Training Server

ATC Training on the (Training Server) is sometimes a pain in the a**. I get people come on here to training their skills that counts for atc observers as for pilots. But how comes that some pilots blatantly do not follow any atc instruction? not even reacting to any calls or frequency warnings.

To counter this issue, it would be best if there could be a system in place that detects pilots not following proper atc instructions for some time and ban them for 7 days from training server and get them straight back to the casual server where these people belong or kick them off the training server at least.

So Players that really want to practice and having a good experience aren’t distracted by those casual players. it would result in a much better experience for training pilots and atc.

Casuals that get kicked/banned from the training server should also get redirected with a mention to the manual on the home screen where they find all informations so they can read it and don’t get a ban/kick next time.

This happens way to often no matter if small airport, big airport, busy or not busy airport.
it really damages the experience because casuals griefing like that. so there is not point having them on training server.

it would be the best solution for casuals, pilots on training for expert and atc observers.

I think this would be a good idea, many new players who want to try out the controller experience give up because pilots ignore them and it gives them a bad impression. But after all it is training server


Unfortunetly nothing can be done about it becasue its called the Training Server. Its for people to learn, and its not a place to ban pilots for a mistake. Once they get onto the expert server and they make the same mistakes then they will be reported. If you want better ATC you can apply to become an IFATC controller or simply fly on the expert server and avoid the TS all together.


it’s not about mistakes it’s about players that doesn’t follow instructions at all and ruining the experience of others. it’s called griefing!

mistakes happen it’s ok making false calls or making a wrong decision. but not following at all taxing all over the place not on frequency is just griefing.

Its the training server, there simply is nothing you can do about it. Because its a server for pilots to learn thats why there is no ban system.

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there should be at least a auto kick system in place

But unfortunatly there wont be becaue of the simple fact that it is called the Training server.

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The training server is for pilots to get better, seeing as it’s called Training Server, so I think this wouldn’t really be the best decision. Once those pilots get to expert and keep up their flying style, they’ll get reported :)


If you really want this why don’t you just put in the work and get Grade 3 so you can use Expert Server?

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Or become an IFATC controller so you dont have to deal with unprofessional pilots


I think they already are

If he is then why does he care

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I am already grade 3 but I can’t training for atc if this happens way to often, casuals come in to grief and ruining the experience not just for me but other pilots

@CPT_Colorado your missing the point. People that are not willing to follow instructions should be disciplined, this is because they are not willing to train on the training server.

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What airports do you experience this at?

Pretty simple answer

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Ah yes KJFJ

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Lol literally changed it

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you can’t become an IFATC when this cra* happens all the time. that’s the problem, you get distracted, you lose hope in humanity and then u give up. there will be no learning curve like this when casuals just come in for griefing