Server keeps disconnecting

Today I my live server has been disconecting and conecting a lot. Do you guys have any idea why and know how to help me.

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If it is offline and then online, it is most likely on your side because if the server is down it stays down. At least usually. Your internet connection is most likely spotty and it’s bouncing back and forth

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Try turning airplane mode on then off.

Connection problems of course. try @FlyingTarsier’s suggestion, if it didnt work, restart your phone. if the problem still persist, reinstall IF.

  • Warning: if you proceed to yeet and reinstate IF, you will lose your flight data and replays

Are you still having server issues? i know this thread is 4 hours old, but no updates on your end, have you figured it out? or no

I did just get a new WiFi consul.

Thanks so much. Now my problem is fixed.

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