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Hey, my infinite flight is acting up I am in RJTT trying to contact the ground, and every time I tune in and try to send a message to the tower (ground) my server disconnects for 5 seconds ish. Is there any fix for this ( I tried connecting to 3 networks all different WIFI suppliers) and restated my Ipad pro

this happened to my friend in school while playing infinte flight

Sometimes Infinite Flight has server connectivity issues, where at brief periods, everyone loses connection. These are only brief, though. Are you still having connection issues?

I started my flight again I Have taken off and it’s still glitching. I Will try re-downloading the app

Hi there. A few IFATC members and I noticed something similar about 8 hours ago when trying to spawn in for a training. It seemed to work for some people but not others. After a decent amount of tries it seemed to fix itself. Are you still having problems?

I’m not sure the validity to this question but do you have free storage on your device? Just trying to troubleshoot. I hope this gets fixed soon because it sounds like a debilitating bug.

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Yeah, I have 127GB free… I redownloaded the app it worked for a bit. The problem is back again

Has this issue started happening recently? Any changes to your network configuration that you are aware of?

Yes, it started Yesterday for me.

Not that I know of all my network providers work at the same speed and no issues have been reported by them (Play, Orange, T-Mobile) I tried re instaling the game it helped for let’s say 1:50 - 2 Hours and started acting up again when I tried asking for taxi to parking.

That’s strange, we haven’t changed anything on our end so it’s more likely to be a configuration change somewhere between you and our servers.

Is this happening on a specific server? Can you fly on another server without disconnections?

Its on Expert server, the servers work everytime after i re download the app and stops working after 1-2 hr

This is so weird i redownloaded the app and its working for now

Such a strange issue. Sorry I couldn’t be of help.

The problem came back again it keeps on disconnecting me, Is this for sure not a IF Servers Problem?

Sorry to hear you’re still experiencing it. It’s definitely not an issue on our end right now, every system is working fine.

Are you using a VPN? What are your DNS settings configured as?

Okay, I think I got the answer to my problem. :/

So what’s happening is I am using a Flight Radar 24 FPL (KML) it has a ton of waypoints and I realized it’s causing these Server issues I don’t know why but it looks like it is the problem. Is it possible for a Flight Plan (with a lot of waypoints) to cause ATC Communication to freeze ( Disconnect ) for 1-2 seconds?

This could well be what’s causing it :)
Can you send me the fpl file to have a look? if you want to email it. Thanks!

Yep I will send it right now.

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Thank you Maks! I’ll investigate this further

In the meantime, I’d suggest using less waypoints in your fpl if possible. What tool are you using to convert the FR24 KMLs to FPLs?

My converter is this website, I get the KML file and convert it to a FPL file

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