Server Issues

My screen went blank (corrupted) on enroute to WMKK after intermittent servers issue.
Is this normal to expect that when servers are down to get a blank screen with no way of getting back to it and I had to end the game?
Thanks all the same for solving the issues

That’s not normal, no - are you able to get a screenshot of that?

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As you can see on the left side, a a thin line which is active but pretty much the whole screen went blank like the above

The other thing I’ve noticed throughout the duration of the flight (it was 18 hrs flight, with 13hrs plus completed) there’s no weather patterns active. I note there’s some issues regarding this on another topic yesterday about it

You’ll need to restart the app in this case, sorry…

What device are you using? Let us know if you see it happen again.

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I’m using Huawei P20 mobile phone , which in the majority of the time work well (except when in busy airports it can get a bit laggy on final or taxiing

Thanks! I’ll see if we can repro this internally. Sorry about it happening this time though. Your flight time should have been saved as it was a long flight.

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Yes I note the XP have been counted no issues there, but the replay takes ages to load…
I am assuming the file is corrupted sadly