Server Issues

What is happening, all the planes are disappearing and appearing randomly. Im flying with a friend and he has the same problem. Servers are green but obviously they are failing.

  • Now I see my friend 6nm in front of me, but he sees me at 33…

Looks like server issues. Has been intermittently on and off for the last few hours.


It just happened to me

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Same for me, looks like server wide issues.

Was about to make a topic about this:

Does it have anything to do with the servers?

Edit: seems to work now.

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We’re looking into it.

It usually resolves itself after a couple of minutes and we have a planned maintenance scheduled to resolve this. It’s just not something we want to be pushing in the middle of a weekend in case things go wrong.


Is there a reason that there are frequent server problems these days?

It’s a combination of a few different things. We’ve done some major reshuffling in our server infrastructure lately and it simply needs some finetuning.

The end goal here is to get a greatly more stable experience, but it’s a bit less stable on the way getting there :)


I’m convinced that Seb single handedly fixed the Google outage last week too.



Are we good now? :)

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Yes. 🙌 it works.

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It’s happening again

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Spoke too soon @schyllberg!

Still down for me, unfortunately.

Yeah, just as we started to breathe… it bailed on us.
We’re trying some restarts now.

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IF users: Why isn’t turbulence working?
IF servers: laughs in unstable flight

Jokes apart, full power to Seb, I’m sure this will be sorted soon.


@schyllberg @Cameron looks like it’s intermittently wobbling again.

Same for me!

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It’s happening for me to.

We’re aware it’s acting up again.