Server issues

Hello. Anyone else having a problem starting a flight? It’s running VERY slow. Took about 7 mins to load on my iPad Pro. Don’t think it’s my connection (see screenshot)

All good here - loaded into MMMX in 15 seconds - that download and upload speed is quite slow so I would expect it to be on the slow side. Your internet possibly could just be having an exceptionally slow day.

Pretty typical speed for here in the UK, especially since lockdown. I can stream 4K video and games no problem.

It is not just your speed but what is around you. Are you loading a new aircraft, how many, etc.

Does it happen every flight? If not it was probably a fluke and you can move on if you are in a flight.

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First time it’s happened. Loaded in at EGLL on Expert - no one around. Anyway, seems fine now. No worries.