Server issues


We are unfortunately experiencing some server issues causing users to get disconnected and being unable to establish a connection.

We’re working as hard as we can to get services restored as soon as possible.

Sorry about the inconvenience!


Looks like services are coming back online now.
Please give it a go a report back. Restart the app if it doesn’t work on the first try :)

And please, no unnecessary chatter :)


Works just fine now. Thanks Seb!

I must say, the empty map looks very much like a ghost town.


Can confirm on my behalf here in the UK.

It’s so weird not seeing a single arrival ANYWHERE.

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Servers are back online for me. I’m starting to see arrivals for this weeks IFATC’s airports.

@schyllberg Is it possible that people who’s power got cut and who crashed because of that, have got violations?

You won’t receive violations if you’re offline

Servers work fully for me ✅

I said it … no need for unnecessary stress

My goodness my long haul flight WIII to EHAM just about 3.5 hours to go but suddenly a message appeared “your account is being used by another device”. Thought somebody hijacked my account. Went to forum for complaining but I understand there was an issue with connection.

Wasn’t this fun?

The account database crashed. Unfortunately that causes some of the active flights to terminate due to “Account being used on another device”, either though it’s not.

When trying to connect, you receive other errors indicating Global Server issues or similar.

Regarding the violations, I’m not entirely sure this error will cause violations as there was no place to store them. But I’m leaving that open for now.
If you’ve received any violations and believe they were the cause of this, send over your callsign & display name to me or any other staff or moderator and we’ll have a look. We know exactly when this started and ended so we can easily check if that was the cause :)

Truly sorry about this & thank you for your patience!


Easy to say if you’re not flying haha

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Correct :(

I know that it‘s very sad but it can happen…

No unnecessary posting ya’ll.

*This is necessary to stop the unnecessary. Necessary?

If relationships are being built in the IF community is it unnecessary posting? Just my two cents. I’m out, happy flying!