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For almost a week now I’ve been experiencing an issue where during the flight, I’d get disconnected multiple time during my flight. Sometimes the disconnections last for a few seconds. However, on a few of my flights the app would just freeze and I would have to close the app. Now I know it’s not my WiFi cause this happens when I’m also using a different wireless network. I’ve cleared cache and clear ram on my iPad. This is getting really frustrating. It’s not just the live server that would get disconnected. The global server and API service also gets disconnected.

Would you happen to be using a different app while mid flight? Aka running IF in the background? Or turning the device off and then back on?

If you ran the app in the background after a certain amount of time, it’s definitely less then a minute, you can and sometimes do run into connection issues when you try to reconnect

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If you have tried most solutions then re-installing Infinite flight might do the trick. Please note that you will lose your replay files as well.

It might be an issue with the app itself.

Please please please note that re-installing is normally the last step to an issue (quoting from schyllberg). It will also delete all of your replays.

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Nope I don’t even minimize the app while flying.

Mine also freezes occasionally during flights. Try reducing your settings. When I don’t and it freezes I usually wait about 15 seconds and it unfreezes.

Recently this has happened to me as well, countless times. I suggest just turning graphics down and rebooting your device before flights.
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As a last resort you can try resetting your device

If you’re freezing and such, few things to optimize your performance, before every flight soft restart your device, hold down power button and slide and then turn back on. If you have an older device, make sure you have lower settings as most older devices are struggling with high settings on IF, and have airplane count set to low and avoid busy areas and another good step is test your Wifi, make sure it’s not running to slow. Few ways you can do that, there’s testers on the web, if you have a console/computer you can test there, and finally if you have a second device and stuff is loading slower👍 If either of the internet “Testers” are showing signs of slow wifi, you could restart your router. Do that at your own risk. Or call your internet provider 👍 Hopefully these tips and whatever you want to call them help in the future. Some have already been said but still:)

I’ve done all of those troubleshooting. And it doesn’t disconnect when I’m at the airport. Even if it’s busy. I happens when I’m cruising. Anyways I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstall it. Don’t care much about the replays anyways. Let’s see if that solves it.

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