Server issues?

Is it just me or when you close your app is it not letting you connect back to the servers?


This is a known thing which is cause by the operating system suspending all processes related to the app. Not so much we can try do do about it than try to reconnect, which works most of the times but sometimes not.


Okay thank you:)

Yeah I cant seem to connect either

So should I restart the phone, app, uninstall and then install or just wait?

(I’m having the same issue at the moment)

When you load up the app, and than try to fly online if it doesn’t let you, hit try again, and it should reconnect you

Just hit the try again when the message about not being connected pops up

I mean I’ll try again but I have definitely done that already. I was gonna make a new support topic but I saw this one already.

I’d rather not uninstall the app as it’s a pain in the neck but whatever I’ll do whatever u guys say. I just wanna do patterns.

Yeah hitting try again doesn’t seem to do it for me


It won’t recognize my account!!!


Yes there seem to be an issue with our servers, we are looking into it.

Sorry about that!


I’m waiting all day to fly, and now this!!!


Stuff happens, don’t worry it’ll be up in no time :)


Word! Same! I just finished a long day and I need an escape 😂😂😂

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Same thing is currently happening with me

I can’t connect to the server. Way?

Same thing to me

I hate when this happens.

Are we having problems on the server?

It’s not just the server, it’s all of IF. It just denied that my account exists, solo won’t work, nothing. Not even the social media links work.