Server issues

Hii, is it possible that there is a server issue at the moment? i am unable to log in since the message ‘contacting server’ is in my screen for minutes. I tried to log out en log in again but still the same issue. I tried it on 3 devices on both wifi and cellular.


I’m having the same thing rn


Yea same here wonder what it is

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HAHA I just created a account thing with the server… Maybe they are down? I figured I lost all my account stuff. Making me feel a bit better.

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Yep same here your not alone

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I’ll look into it!


good to know! thanks in advance!

I can reproduce this; it loads the background map (all of the online planes), but it continues to say “Connecting” until it fails and asks for a login. Then I log in with my Google credentials and it says my account is invalid.


Same thing is happening to me @SF34. Are we all using the Google Authentication?

it is the same thing with Facebook log in.

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Also been having issues all day

Issues have been resolved for me!

It just started working again…?

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I’m having the same issue too

Please help, i cannot authenticate to Infinite Flight

issue resolved for me as well.

And it seems lo be working now, just really slowly?

And I try rebooting Infinite Flight to see if it really worked, and it’s not working again.

Nope, luck I guess. Not working for me

I’m Also unable to connect to live servers

We’re looking into it right now.
Just let us know if anything changes.

Thank you!