Server Issues

Hello, just making a post regarding the server issues I and a few others are having. It’s happened to me at least 9-10 times today and I have gone through all of the troubleshooting I could think of. These being, reinstalling, wifi reset on phone and router, Logging out then in, turning every other device off in the house and yet it still does it. So this is not a wifi issue. Wifi specs: Ping is 10, Download 26mbps & Upload 6mbps.

Full explanation
So like usual, I spawn in and begin my fight on expert server. Around 30-60 mins into the flight ATC would just go silent… Immediately I’d have a look to see whats going on and I’d then notice some aircraft around me disappear. About 20 seconds later everyone disappears and all that’s left is lonely me at FL320. The connection icon in the corner is green throughout the whole process. Soon everyone would come back but then about 15 mins later or even shorter than that it would happen again. Sometimes you see it happening to others infront of you without a “network error”. It’s kind of like a chain reaction.

@neshan_lacey @Callum_Whitfield @Lowen and a few others from Instagram have been having this issue.

Doubt this will be fixed now, maybe a bug fix with global.
Maybe someone knows what’s causing this and it’d be greatly appreciated to know.



Was this in the Chicago region?

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Yeah. It’s also happened to me in London and south Florida

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Specifically for Chicago, it is nortorious for causing widespread connection issues. However, I cannot explain your problems in the other regions.

Maybe when the FNF ends and Chicago empties, you should try flying again and seeing if it works.


I am sure it’ll still happen though as I flew there before the event too and it happened

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I used to have this before Global testing began, but since then it’s been all good. So hopefully it’ll all be good for everyone with the next update.


Well I was flying with @QR01 and we lost connection at the same time (we were talking discord) a little funny detail but I’ve had the connection issues too. It can be the servers not working as they should when Aplha team is working on global flight?

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Hold out. It will get better :)