Server issues (Training Server)

So I have this event with @OrcaKid and I can not connect to the server. @OrcaKid can not either and so cant others that will join the event.


Well, if you & @OrcaKid have the same problem, it must be a server wide issue. I’m sure a Moderator will confirm soon. Just as a precaution, reset your router and see if there any changes.


I was unable as well. I was in mid flight when the connection issue started. In the end, IF crashed. Since, I have not fully loaded into any spawns.


Checked Liveflight and the Training Server seems to be down. It’s showing nobody online.

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The training server is currently experiencing issues they will be resolved and fixed soon.

I have the same problem with you. Im confused whats wrong,i already check my wifi but its okay

We changed the event to casual server, it works now!

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won’t connect at all it will be fixed as soon as possible

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Okay i’ll do the long haul in the casual either

I’m having the same problem.

I am in a VA and I have to do a flight today, and we can’t fly on Casual. I can’t fly on Expert because I got 5 speed violations from an IFA issue, so I will be Grade 4 in a week. But I have to use TS1.

Moderators and staff are most likely looking into this. Keep tight and wait.

Give me just a moment to ping the developers. I can confirm it’s not working.


This is being looked into. Thank you for your patience.


I had this today

Why is expert working?

No need for everyone to reply. We are aware of the issue and are investigating.


I don’t know Does the Training server just go on strike and Expert server not

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I hope infinite flight staff can fix this as fas as possible

I think this topic should be closed until further notice.