Server issue?

Last two days I’m getting error message upon starting IF live that states there is a problem connecting to the server try again later or contact infinite flight. I don’t see anyone else for this issue at this point any ideas?

Might be your internet connection, make sure you are connected to Wifi or Mobile data :)

May you post a screenshot of the error message, please?

Looks like an over the air issue with my phone service Just tried it over Wi-Fi and works fine. just never had an issue with over the air usage from Sprint

Restart IF and check your wifi router. If that doesn’t work re-download IF

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Always use WiFi whenever possible.


Problem solved. I recently updated my iPhone iOS and in doing so some of the settings were automatically changed. The toggle for using Infinite Flight over cellular was in the off position. I changed it to the on position and everything is fine now. I’ve never had an update change some of my internal settings before

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