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Hello everyone, yesterday I made a flight between ZSSS and RKSI. When I was approaching Seoul I didn’t see any other aircraft and when I contacted approach no one responded it felt like I was doing a solo flight. Today I made a flight between KSLC and KDEN and there was ATC (ground and tower) I had no problem when I still didn’t take off ( i could see other aircraft and there wasn’t any problem with ATC). But right after take off, the same thing happened no traffic and no ATC. And also when I start a flight my device always crash.
I just wanted to report this issue and I hope someone can help, thank you.

iPhone 11 Pro Max:
iOS 16.2:

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Recommendations: Restart the the device, do a solo flight, re-check, and return.

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Check out this here. You can report things or read through to see if anyone else is or was having the same issue and there might be answers for you. Hope this helps!

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Seems like he has already reported it, over 6 hours ago,

This topic probably isn’t necessary.

I made this topic because no one answer

okay i will try ! thanks <3

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