Server Issue

Afraid of being something serious…

Ohk that’s good

solar flare?

probably not

I think it’s working now

What is working

Just about everything looks to be reporting some form of server issue. Cloudflare clients, including these large companies, seem to be affected by the outage. I’m not sure if Infinite Flight also uses Cloudflare, but this might be related to an extent.

IF and discord and the other things

I was flying fighters in solo, am crying, discord is also having issues 🗿

Let’s see if this works

it’s working yass queen

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I’ll go back to my flight and you can do whatever you were doing

Not for me 🗿

I was 16 hours into a 17 hour flight

I can’t even open the app, still have error code 7

It must work

Unfortunately it might not for a while. It seems like the outage is only in certain locations across the globe.

I can’t log in at all error code 7 I get message saying I thought it was just me but clastic there is server issue in general then.

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If I were you I would be crying with an existential crisis 😅

I died a little inside but I’m fine

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Things that only IF user to…missing a flight is like losing a piece of yourself hahah