Server Issue

Is there a server issue


i am facing this problem too

Ohk … there must be some issue

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Has to be … 😳

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yeah, I just got disconnected too

A bunch of things just died at the same time, like discord went offline at the exact same time

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May be the global sever has some issue.
It must be sorted out soon

map flight and liveflight went offline as well

strangely, youtube and instagram are working fine and dandy

Me as well

I was doing a flight from Anchorage to Adak and the global server went down at around 12:36AM PST. Then I got disconnected at around 12:40

Thank god I was taxiing for takeoff and not already in the air

Same here I’m over Manitoba, Canada

I was doing a flight from VABB to OMAA and it got disconnected at 11:40. I was about to start the descent

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Do you think it’s maybe a regional thing? I’m in southern California if that helps.

I am also in California. It’s not related to region it’s the global server

Oh, I was assuming it was a regional thing since discord isn’t working and status reports say it went offline at the exact same time

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Let’s wait until morning

I was finishing the Pushback from ATH to CPH, I’m glad I wasn’t flying because when I am and this happens I feel like crying and powerlessness 😅

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Don’t worry

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lol the downdetector is down too

hhahahahaahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahhahah this is not good

What,s that

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It’s a website that shows what websites are down/offline