Server issue

Australia when the right way up for a few seconds which caused the server issue. We’re back upside down now with the blood rushing to our heads, so we should be resuming normal operations as we speak.


Yeah, looks like things are getting back up.
Everything is pointing up from here.

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I was just recording in the replay mode, over central chad in the Lufthansa A350, But the scenery wouldn’t load properly, i cleared scenery cache, but a few seconds later the game crashed. I went to open the app, but this image popped up, even after repetitively pushing the okay button it wouldn’t go away. So I restarted the device but was greeted by the same result.

iPad Pro 12”9

Apart from Australia, haha. 😉

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Okay… why did my post pop up again lol

Okay, so our data center are currently having some major issues.
This might not be the last hiccup we’re seeing for tonight, but we’re keeping a close eye on things!


Seems to be a bit broken again… fun times!


@schyllberg Don’t worry you’re are great worker
and you can fix it

Make sure you guys are updating the new hotfix on the AppStore.

Does that fix the issue?

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No (10 characters)

It did for me temporarily, I was able to make a flight from KDAB-KMIA. It crashed again after I ended the flight.

Alright I’ll try updating

Please refer to this

I’m running the latest version and it still won’t load. Its not related to the hotfix

I downloaded the hotfix and everything, checked Wi-Fi and it seems to be good. I just can’t connect. I mean Chicago did just get hit by a mean storm, but it missed me so I’m not sure.

for me it still doesn’t work, and for you?

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Seems to be back up for now.

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is it just me or ever since this new update and hot fix there has been 30+ issue with all the other updates we got I dont remember having all these issues and thanks for looking into it sir

Pure coincidence. There’s no correlation between the issues our datacenter is experiencing now and the 22.4 hotfix :)

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