Server issue

I am having an issue with the server, my server is disconnected because I had few violations, how do I get it back on ?

You probably have more violations than you do landings.
It should say how many you need in the error message
The requirements have changed to enter the training server

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Hey there @Kris_Dave, welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!

If you’re able to post a screenshot of your current violations and landings, we’ll be able to confirm that this is the cause of the problem you’re having.

While you’re waiting for an answer, why not take a look at this topic:


If you don’t provide us with more information, there’s not much we can do to assist.

What is the error message you’re receiving? If it says Grade 3 is required, the you’d have to show an image of your grade table in order for us to do anything but guess as to which criterion/criteria you currently fail to meet.

If the message says you have too many violations over the past 12 months, then you’d have to meet the 2-to-1 landings-to-violations ratio.

But, I got a few violations could mean any number of things. If you’re looking for a specific answer, we need detailed input in order to provide detailed output.

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