''Server is full'' message

Hello! I’ve just received a message on Infinite Flight saying the Server is full while on Dusseldorf TS1, doing patternwork. I’d like to know what is happening currently IF anything

Can you show us a message please? Also what is your device/OS version.

Unable. I already clicked off it since I was too busy clicking on the screen for my flight controls. It was a matter where it went by itself. iPad 2 latest iOS version which is 9.3.4 if I remember rightly.
EDIT: 9.3.5

So it has fixed itself?

Fixed itself? In what way can you specify?

It’s probably a bug. Just come out the app and restart and it should fix itself

It means the server you are joinning is full.

I was already in the server, taking off and turning base. It then auto kicked me out.

Just restart your app and/or device, also your IPad is very old so maybe it was compatibility/capability issues

Nope, cause it’s never happened before. But okay.

wow dez u broke IF again lol

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Folks! This happened to me too about an hour ago. It was a black message box saying 'Server full please try again ’ and then my connectivity symbol that is supposed to be green went directly to red. Then i had to emd my flight and login again. It was Denver, CO and i was participating in a landing evemt when this happened

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Please read above;

To summarise - there were too many people in that are. Try restarting your device and/or IF . This should fix it - good luck

Yeah maybe but what if im in middle of a flight?? That would hurt so much :(

Your XP and Flight time will count unfortunately it is just something you have to get on with

Yeah have to cope up with it :(

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Lol Liam. RIP. Oops I did it again.

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