Server information on event screen

The event tab in the IF menu is quite nice, but it’d be helpful if the server in which the event is organized, shows there too, like in this picture:

Obviously this is just for people too lazy to click all the events, but I think it’d be pretty nice


That is a good idea but I would think the events format might need to be changed for this.


Yeah definitely, this was just to show an example.

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Hey! I see my event!! This would be a good idea, though ;)


Maybe they could add a more information button for each event then direct you to the IFC topic for it?

They do direct you to the IFC

Oh sorry I have never used it😬

Erm the GIA-SIA event was on PG… Why does it state Advanced there?

He’s just showing an example

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Right, but at least he could’ve researched to make the edit more realistic :)


As it says below: for those too lazy to click the events.

Again, just an example, no need for it to be accurate

Hopefully somehow the devs can link the abbreviated name of the server with the displayed one here

So for example the event title is:
Event Title @ ABCD - 010203ZAPR17 [PG]

So the PG would translate into Server: ATC Playground in the events menu