Server gone

I was doing long haul from Rome to LA
But after 4hours the last server gone, and after landing I saw the recording that was also stopped and the end of the replay the app crashed twice.

What should I do to avoid this kind a thing

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I would say it would be because of either:

  1. You continuously left the app and went back in, the server would disconnect you for that.
  2. You left the app for a medium/long duration.

Hi there,

Regarding the server connection user disconnect is usually caused by;

  1. the app being closed or minimised for too long
  2. you’ve lost internet connectivity to the server either because your wifi connection was lost and/or your connection to mobile data has not taken over
  3. you’ve received some kind of notification which has caused the app to disconnect in the background, i.e a message, phone call or system update to name a few

The app crashing at the end of replay sounds like a different issue - maybe out of system memory or a bug with that particular replay file?

Too avoid you can try turning off system updates/notifications during your flight, particularly if leaving unattended or if iOS place into ‘do not disturb or focus mode’

and check you have a stable connection

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For the replay, try entering the replay file with the lowest graphics settings. And from in the replay put it back up again.

I didn’t left the app, I was shocked that my phone didn’t caught fire, it was running whole 12 hrs as you can the screenshot " the flight time"

But you’re right my cellular data has an issue
It tends to cut the whole connection for 1 or 2 seconds, consistently.

And about the massage you told when ever the connection is lost a flash massage arrises, all I need to do is just press OK.

And About the Replay
1 time when I played it went in fast forward and that part was not recorded.
And then crashed

When I rechecked that replay it didn’t went into fast forward and stopped at the end of the file and Crashed

that would most certainly have affected things

sounds like you should try an alternative connection if possible

I would try a few more flights ensuring everything is shut down in the background with and just try and narrow it down.

To me it sounds like either a connection stability issue or something happening in the background

Try @IF_Jordan suggestion or share it to another device and see if the replay causes the same issue

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