Server for pilots who want to fly but talk to atc through mikes


I was thinging what if someone made a website for pilots to talk to a real control tower but still in infinite flight.
What I’m trying to sat is what if I am landing in infinite flight and I have the website open and I’m talking to someone real with that’s same website open who is an atc at the airport that I’m landing at


Love this idea.


Tim trying to get a mod to comment on this idea and say yes or no


What if the mods made a server just for people who want to talk through mikes


The dev’s have said no many times, due to people spamming and trolling and making the experience very unrealistic.


So would it be easier to just make a website


Great idea, but i understans Dev’s answer. Just so sad some people have do destroy for everyone else


Anybody heard of Zello…


Zello is the app which you are looking for! All you need is one user to act as ATC (preferably advanced atc…) and just go on free flight server!


Tell me more about it?


See @Drago_B just above :-P


Know what a “Chinese Fire Drill is” or the "Tower of Babble. There is Absolutly no flight discipline on IF, even the Advanced Gets bogged down with mis-comm. let’s wait till they start issuing Licences and Certifications Please…NEXT
MAX sends

(No disrespect intended my Chinese Friends, 善悪 Sends)


well they can at least try it out on the Free floight! The best time I ever had was when Dimitri controlled over Zello :=) Thinking of doing it with IF procedures some time :)


Different strokes for “different” folks they save… Me I say what ever floats your boat. Enjoy, innovation is the mother of invention… Max


Wouldn’t the Mike be loud and it’ll probably make u crazy after ur flight lol


This comes up often. However the problems with people talking over one another, not too mention the wide open eventuality of inappropriate language being used etc and so on, it’s just not anything that is planned for Infinite Flight. Voice chat would be more problematic than it would be helpful. It would also bog down performance at times.
However feel free to use Zello on a second device if you can.