Server Error

Can you all help me solve the issue every time I fly after a while flying my server gets disconnected

Is your internet connetion strong?

Just give it a few minutes and it should resolve itself as long as your network is up and running.

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My internet is strong

Maybe check your connection

Connection is up and tried reinstalling one day ago and one more thing I use IF assistant during the flight is it happens because of that because whenever it is happened I was using IF assistant.

It’s probably because you left the app for to long

No didn’t left the app

Is it still disconnected?

Since you say it happens on every flight it makes me wonder about your connection. Are you using a VPN or anything? Are on you wifi or cellular? What device are you on?

Yes still disconnected

Its nothing with the server its something with your “client.”
Try the following in the order they are numbered

  1. Shut down the app and restart it
  2. Turn off WiFi turn it back on
  3. Restart your device
  4. Soft reset your router
  5. Uninstall the reinstall Infinite Flight


Apple IPad mini 2

Let me know if any of these fix your problem.

Topic is now good to close!! Solved.

Number 3 helped it

Ahh. Ok. Happy flying!