Server Down?

I am currently on a flight on the expert server, but have been disconnected from the live server for around twenty minutes. I don’t believe it is a problem with my connection because I am connected to the global server and my phone has a good signal and my computer is connected to the WiFi without a problem.
Also Infinite Flight is freezing for a couple seconds occasionally during this flight.
My device is an iPhone XR.

I don’t think it’s the server although if it happens to multiple people it is possible. Maybe you just crashed?.. I honestly don’t know what else to say. Have you tried restarting your device and trying again?

No, the flight is working fine, it is just offline, so I don’t want to restart until I get to my destination.

Well get to your destination and maybe it’ll come back and then try all the steps. You should be able to complete your flight.

Was there any pop up message on screen ?

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Yes, to @Sierra_Golf point, a pop up message puts IF in a permanent holding loop, and it essentially kills the code running your flight about 15-30 seconds after the pop up appears because it has been moved to the background to accommodate the “urgency” of the pop up message. If this occurred, you can either react fast enough (within 15-30 secs) or you can end the flight. This is to prevent the so-called “ghost” flights from appearing in the server and to keep the server clean/efficient.

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Uhhh not really. IF can run about 10-20 seconds in the background before crashing your connection to the server, so a pop up won’t instantly kill IF if you react fast enough.

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I don’t remember a pop up but that would make sense