Server Down

The server is down i can’t see any aircraft i have checked on NonStop Virtual Slack the IFATC controller @AsternAviation can’t see any aircraft aswell @schyllberg


The server is definitely having issues. They are probably overloaded from the EHAM Fly-Out and another big event going at once. You are not definitely the only one.
Loading times have increased too


Well i have reset the app and am on 100 mbps on my WIFI i don’t think device is the issue as i have a S10

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Are you not seeing them on the map or just not on the tarmac?

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I can see them on the pre Spawn in map but when you spawn in they are none in the air or tarmac

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But are they on the map after you spawn?

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Can’t see flights on tarmac or map. Been disconnected 12 times the last 45 min,

It’s proper down now

Everyone’s gone for me now and it’s not connecting to the server anymore

Server drops intermittently and flying in the A321 the result started having the A321 swaying back an forth on AP and NAV individually. I believe it is connected to the server going down. Some people on the same flight were showing people in front of them when the other person’s device was showing them behind them.

What about the other servers

I can’t see anyone anymore. People are telling me that I’m flying right on top of them when my screen is showing 20NM seperation.

Upon spawning again, it doesn’t reconnect me. Looks like it’s down

Think IF restarted the server!

Server is definitely down. Just holding short with apparently no aircraft around me.


This is my picture


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Same suitation here?

Some atc services have managed to stay in, but tower and ATIS is gone