Server Down??

So I was 30 minutes into my flight from WSSS-KEWR, but the game froze for like 30 minutes after without me realizing. Tried loading IF but it came up with this every time. I could try reinstalling the game but last time it was a total mess (IF wouldn’t physically show up on screen) so I am not doing that. I also restarted my device and reset the ram. HELP me as I kinda want to do this flight again and don’t have much time left

Everything looks good from what i can see :)

This was after the game crashing

I’d say the issue is on your end. All the servers are good and there’s no drop in connections. Try restarting your router or try a different connection source.

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And I haven’t received the recent ios 12 update patching the facetime glitch. My ipad doesn’t detect it

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