Server down?

We are having, at least on advanced server, problems with connection. People having trouble connecting.

I am too, this is really peculiar.

Server up and running again

Too much download ,new ios update

Yeah I had an issue earlier, took years to download (though hardly surprising on my connection), but then wifi icon was red once connected at YSSY. Restarting broadband fixed the issue, but then all Sydney ATC and most traffic had gone.

Awww! Does little IceBlue want some sweeties?

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My first flight in the dash and I lost connection when approach was vectoring me in. Airspace was busy enough so i started to do 360’s in case i was ghosted, for not following commands lol. Kinda thought it was the server in the end, once a reboot of internet didn’t work. Impressed with my first landing in this plane :-)

Um, no, but some better broadband would be nice.

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