Server does not connect

I can’t login to the server, I don’t know the loading screen, is anyone else having the same problem?

Have you tried restarting IF?

What exactly are you seeing? While joining into the world, are you stuck on the loading screen?

Yes, even the internet is also in an infinite charge

It is on the loading screen just to enter the server

Ok. First off, check your internet connection. How long does it take you to log in? Are you connected, or using any VPN configurations…

Have you tried rebooting/restarting your device and clearing your scenery cache (in the general settings)?

Yes, I did it all

Ok, can you log in as usual though?

Yes normally, just stay in it

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Have you deleted the app and reinstalled it might be worth a try Files could be corrupt 👍🏻


Problem solved, thanks to all who helped me, I had to reinstall the IF, this topic can be closed already, grateful.