Server disconnect from IFassiant towards IF

When I use ifassiant in the air, once I open the ifassiant. Afterward, the connection to the Infinite Flight lost in the sky, causing inconvenience and delay to pilots, which causing pilots to lose their due XP. Please find the ifassiant developers to correct these bugs.

Thank you for your attention.Who will give me a response and solution from Berlin? Have a great weekend.


It might be better to ask on this topic as the developer looks at it or PM him directly:

Oh, thanks mate. I hope they can aware this problem.

I will cc to Mr.Epaga. Nevertheless, I have raise awareness from others.

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Ps if you are using IF Assistant go on it before loading up IF and it will remain active for your whole flight. Don’t do it after as it can cause issues.

I knew risk avoidance. However this is our responsibility to tell the app’s deficit.

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