Server dedicated to pilots flying for VA's

Hello there!
The reason why I put forward this idea is fairly obvious, to make flying for a VA more convenient. Events etc. Can all take place on the expert server but I think having a server just dedicated to Virtual Airline operations world be great.

That is an interesting idea. However, isn’t that what Expert is for?

Ok, nice idea
But how do the developers make sure the pilots are from a VA?

Possibly via some form of identification, but if the devs do decide to implement this idea then I’m sure they’ll work things out 😉

There isn’t really a point for this. No reason to raise the prices for everyone when you can just fly on expert.

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Not always, you can be a serious user and not fly for a VA.

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Yes, however, Expert is strictly enforced, and most VAs fly on there. Frankly, it would also be impractical as VAs set their own rules on which servers their pilots can fly. For example, my VA, Aloha Virtual allows pilots to fly on any form of IF, including solo. Others, like GAF or Delta make their pilots fly on expert. It would not be able to allow all VAs and such as it is solely on the choice of the VA.

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When there is a massive event and 90% of people are using A350s, it will not only make the expereince much more realistic but also not obstruct any Virtual Airline pilots from doing their job.

I like this idea but i am out of votes

Then use TS1 or CS. Once again, this is unnecessary costs added to the pro subscription

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Pro is already expensive as it is, making an entirely other subscription just to unlock an online server is just stupid.

How would ATC work. I don’t think many people would want to control an airport with only 1 or 2 va aircraft in/outbound. This would be boring for us va pilots as we would only ever be able to use Unicom


The globe is big, the routes are multiples and the planes are so few, there’re absolutely no need to create further divisions. You want to make an event, make it. It’s not the two folks flying around that will come ruin your little group flight.

I fly for VAs too and never have we needed another dedicated server.


When you think about it, not really. Infinite Flight LLC is paying money for the scenery, weather, and servers for people to pay on. It’s surprising that we are getting it for the price we are.

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Use the Global ATC Request thread. This is literally the devs throwing money at things that are unnecessary

You got me there, that is very true. Unlike the mofos at ROTROS making RFS or Really Fake Stuff, IF actually put details and money into their simulator.


Won’t happen, sorry.