Server Crash?

Hey. Did the IF server just crash? I’m doing a flight right now from MSLP to KMIA and while I was descending into KMIA airspace just shy after I contacted Approach all the planes dissapeared and I have both Live and Global Servers on red. Did this happen to anyone else or just me.

Are you connected to WIFI?

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This can happen if your device or network experiences a connection loss.

I am, and Im also connecting to my data to see if that works in case my WiFi is acting up. But it doesnt work either, so then I had my aircraft hold over some place in case i recocented back and i was alternatin between my WiFi and Data each for a few minutes and I got nothing. The only thing I got was Global Server

And I dont recall getting a Report or any of that stuff
that boots me from the server

Would that happen regardless of how good the connection is?

this happened to me yesterday what I did is I switched off the network on my device and switched it back on a few seconds later and the connection to all servers came back immediately

it’s also happened near TOD

What type of electronic are you using? It could be an electronic you are using. I had the iPhone 7 when I contacted ATC my game used to crash. But this this Christmas I got the new IPhone 12 and nothing is happening. In settings in IF put all of your settings to low. That might solve your problem.