Server connection

I have never had this problem before so I don’t know what to do, it says having trouble connecting to server

Check out this post by Seb :)

What I usually do I swipe the sim away and then reload back in. If that doesn’t work I then don’t touch the app for at least 15min. And when I return it works. Try this

Yea it just happened to me for a lil bit but then it worked fine

Also, are you on Data or WiFi? Data can be spotty especially during flights.

I mean it kinda depends if u outside or not. If u outside i would recommend lte but when u home use wifi. Also if u have 5g or something use that instead of lte. But wifi is the best bet

Hey there,

I was having the same issue earlier but I’m not having it now. I restarted my app a few times and did a device restart and things are working just fine. Are you still experiencing this?


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