[SERVER CHANGE]DC10/MD11 Fly to wherever Event hosted by Tailwinds! @ KLAX - 160300ZDEC17

Server: Expert

Region: What is a region?

Airport: KLAX

Time: *0300Z or December 15th at 7pm pacific time

NOTAM: Join Tailwinds for a MD11 and DC10 event! Fly where you want to with the DC10 or MD11 from KLAX. Follow all ATC instruction and have fun!

You make it!

Gates (when signing up list the aircraft and livery you will be taking)
134: @Daniel14 (Air New Zealand DC10)
132: @ZZBossGaming (Northwest DC10)
130: @PeterCLE (continental DC10)
148: @Northwest (Aeroflot cargo MD11)
150: @AustralianFlyer (FedEx MD11F)
152: @DiamondGaming4 (Continental DC10)
154: @Abbasbeloved (China Airlines MD11)
156: @Mees
131: @Nicolas_Betancourt
133: @Michael_Weinblatt (FedEx MD11F)
157: @AnthonyPit2
153 @swyft
155 @MrAlaska
151 @Goran12

More will be added if needed

Event Hosted by Tailwinds Flying Club


Who We Are

We are a group of flying enthusiasts who have event weekly and would love to welcome anyone to the club!


Tailwinds Flying Club "Flying Farther, Together." (Still Recruiting!) (New Aircraft in Fleet!)

Graphics credit @The_Geniusman


I’ll take a gate! I’ll be Northwest DC-10

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you are now the proud owner of gate 132!

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I changed my plane…

sure! what aircraft are you planning on taking now?

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Northwest DC-10 thanks!

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I’ll be there in a Continental DC-10.

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I got you a gate! Check above!

I’ll take a gate with an Aeroflot cargo MD11F

Hand me a gate, please! I’ll be coming to the landing competition so this fits in well.

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Thats why I decided to do this! What livery may I ask?

I’ll take a good old FedEx MD-11F!

I have added you to the list!

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Ill take a continental DC-10, going to RJAA.

Wait, Danny, is this the event you were talking about?

I have an event right before this one that is a landing competition then this one is so people can keep the fun going!

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So, my Singapore to Dubai event wont interfere with this one after all since it’s 24 hours afterwards

yes, it won’t effect it at all

🤦🏼‍♂️ Now you tell me? I’ll re-open it then.

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Sorry I can’t come because I’ll be en route to Adelaide when this event is taking place. All the best with it though. 👍

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