Server Bug

Hello there, excuse me if this is a duplicate, today i noticed a really strange bug, me and a couple of friends are doing a long haul overnight, but when i woke up i noticed I didn’t realize see anyone there in-game, but when i went to liveflight we were all there, my connection is fine, and there is another person in the group experiencing this aswell, I’ll leave some screenshots below, just wanted to let the Staff and mods know about it.
PS I’m still flying and will update if ATC can see me at NZAA or not.

This is happening to me too. Really odd.

Which one are you on the LiveFlight screenshot?

our spacing got messed up aswell

We are all doing a flight from KSFO to NZAA . I am a little bit behind them since a couple of players in the group disconnected.

Just wait a little longer and it should be fine. We have had this issue before (I am flying with them right now).

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So ATC can still see us then? really don’t want to be ghosted over a server issue like this.

Everything should be back to normal after a couple of minutes. ATC will be able to see us and we will see each other on the map too.

The problem is that it has been quite a while now, more than just a couple of minutes, but I’ll wait more and give an update later

Update: The problem persists, if we see no traffic at NZAA we will divert to avoid confusion and probably ghosting.

Update: working now, we disconnected wifi and then turned it on, took some effort fo @Senneca as he did it about 5 times but just started working now thanks to @Starley

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