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Hello! yesterday I left my ipad with a flight in progress (expert) and when I returned to my house I saw that I had violations, I did not notice that but I suppose they happened during the flight, I just want to know when I will be able to fly in the expert server again ?
Thank you
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You probably got violations from overspeeding. Unfortunately, violations can only be removed if their was nothing the pilot could do about it. Next time, monitor your speed, and make sure your speed is below the limit.

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You will be able to play on the Expert server in 7 days. Don’t forget what Delta said above when you do flights! :)

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Thank you! If I leave it on AP after passing the 10000ft and it probably happened after that, thank you! to go back to grade 2 are also 7 days?

No, you “only” have to wait 24hrs to get your Grade 2 back.

Thanks! Have good one! Happy Landings!

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I’m looking your callsing, maybe I spotted you yesterday, you was flying from Dubai to Istanbul?

Yes, I was.
But let’s stay on topic ;)