Server access denied

I was just holding short rwy 23R at EGCC on the instructions of the IFATC when this appeared. I didn’t get ghosted. Nor can I imagine being ghosted that often within the last 6 months. Does anyone else experience the same problem?

I hope this feed belongs here, correct me if not.

This person has the same problem.

same here…

Ouh ok, sorry. Was uploading at the same time

How much violations do you have?

6 according to the message

Less than 25 that’s for sure

Update from Chris on another similar post

There is currently a server update in progress, likely to enforce the new expert server requirements. Hang tight, go fly on TS1/Casual for the time being.

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Well max 5 ghosting in the past 365 days…

It’s been confirmed, there are new restrictions to the Expert Server.

Pilots may have no more than 5 ghosts in the last 365 days.
Pilots may have no more than 15 all-time ghosts.

Please relook at this thread:

Look at me forgetting how to read ;) thanks bud

It sounds like I was directing this at you. Sorry if it’s sounds offensive, it was supposed to be for everyone.