Server access denied Grade 3

Hi everybody,
I win enough points to win grade 3 but when I try to flight it tell me that the server access is denied to me due to the violation during 12 month?
What is the solution please ?


The reason you can’t enter the expert server is that you have more than 50% violations to landings ratio. Say you have 10 violations you need 20 or more landings to fly on expert. Your grade table won’t show you your total number of violations only the most recent. You can check your total number of violations in the LiveFlight App or their website. Also if you want to enable expert server flying all you need to do is land more perform T/G on either casual or the training server.

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This is due to the new Expert server rules which got implemented recently. In your case you need at least double the landings to violation ratio to enter the server. Refer to the following,


You need a total of 132 landings for your 66 violations. So, start logging those touch and goes!

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Just make sure you try not to add more violations in the process ;)

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