server access denied for over 1month

Please Does anyone know what’s happening here? Because i havnt been able to fly on the expert server for a very long time even after my subscribtions.

Our Expert Server requirements have recently changed. This change was put into effect to ensure a professional and expert environment for those who wish to enjoy a realistic simulator experience.

Please see this post for the new Expert Requirements:

It appears as though you have been reported 20 times, when the max is 5. You will not be able to fly on expert until all of those reports fall off.

Please read carefully and let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!

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how long would it take for the violations to fall off?

Correction for @Chris_S you are permently banned from Expert with an excess of 15 ghosts.


These are not violations, these are being reported (ghosted) by ATC for not following instructions and/or interfering with other planes.

Since you have 20, you will no longer be allowed on the expert server until such time as they change the requirements.

Pilots with more than 15 all-time ghosts will be permanently restricted from the Expert Server.


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