Server access denial with too many violations when i dont have any violations

Hello I am a grade level 3 and today when I tried accessing the expert server it denied me entry saying that I had an excess amount of violations when I have none here is a screenshot…

You probably have too many violations in total compared to your total amount of landings.

Please see this:


This is probably the cause, the violations you see on screen are from the past day and week.

But he has no violations…

Yes he do. He just don’t have any for the last 7 days. Big difference.


Everyone has Violations


THank you i will check it out on live flight

In theory, could you bring up your landings to get unrestricted?

Not unrestricted, but you can increase your landings so you’ll have a big margin.

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Yeah, of course you can, a lot of people have been doing that, just fly patterns for a while and you should be good

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Tbh that new rule is some garbage it kinda throws away the grading/ranking system

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Let not come here to argue :) !