So my topic name was changed because my typo i put airliens. Then its edited to airlines. So i changed it bsck to airliens. Please only a mods edit my topic


Well I suppose @sirms has a pet peeve about spelling.

That said, in order to make yourself and the forum look more professional, it is wise to at least spell the title correctly. Your topic though so your call.

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You are mad at someone for correcting your spelling?


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Sorry for my edit :P

Only actuall moderators should edit my post no matter what. If swang though spelling mattered he would change it

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So what was the purpose of changing it back to what you now know to be an incorrect spelling?


He’s making the point statement he wants only mods to edit his posts.

I only want mods to edit it

Glad you identified this very pressing issue. Hopefully it will bring light to the misspellings in the quote on your profile page and be corrected accordingly. “Earth” and “No”, in both uses, do not need to be capitalized. It should read, “.50 caliber”, and the entire quote itself is a run on sentence. Which brings the question as to who you quoted that from and why a .50 caliber? That’s a rather large round and would be extremely over the top IMO. Just food for thought to any Dev out there performing edit duties for the day. 😐

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I personally prefer the 357. SIG but a 50. is nice too I guess… No seriously @Logan_Whisman . You are totally overexagarting. That guy who corrected it was trying to help you. There is no need to be that negative towards other people who tend to be active on the forums for trying to help you.

Maybe your to lazy to write in my opinion instead your to lazy and write imo

I only want mods to edit my post tahts why there is moderators. But some guys still do it even though there probably not supposed to

That’s just not how it works. There’s a reason these people (Halfmods how I like to call them) are allowed to do that.

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You have agreed to the terms and conditions of the forum right? You know what I’m trying to tell you

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If they have the power to they are allowed to…

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So if we’re by supposed to why are we still able to. Because we are allowed to. ;)

You 100% caught me. I was way too lazy to “write”, or type, “in my opinion”. While we’re chatting about this though, I would like to shout out to the Devs real quick and suggest a few changes here as well. Could these changes be made in the above response from Logan to myself? Please adjust, “your” to “you’re” and “to” with “too”. Possibly throw some quotations on both “in my opinion” and “imo”,because that definitely a quote from my initial statement and I want my credit for saying it. I don’t promote plagiarism.

In case % is cheating as well, percent.


Why does it bother you?