Serious question

This is about infinite flight,

So lately I have seen post about people having screenshots of infinite flight, people doing nice flights etc.

*Now i feel like i push it to hard to realism that I don’t follow mostly every games rule *

Having fun
So now I would like advice to teach me of ways to have more fun and having enjoyable flights

I was thinking the same reflecting on a recent post about a flight that outlined the U.S territorial borders…

You can have fun and make It real all at the same time, just dont stress yourself, enjoy the scenary, visit places you haven’t been, have fun!

Thanks and what you pointed out is very important

Because that’s me I do stress too much on the landing(approach)

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I believe I can clarify:

Lately he has been seeing topics in the #screenshots-and-videos category and he believes that he is trying too hard to be realistic.

So he wants tips in order to ease off on the realism part of it and have some fun with his flights.

Some tips

Try new routes that no one operates
go on casual and let loose in a military aircraft
Fly your favorite aircraft
Fly into or out of uncontrolled airports

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I think we all do, I know a few real world pilots and they do!

If it weren’t stressful whether simulation or not, it wouldnt be as much fun.

The process is stressful, but there are two kinds of stress.

Those that serve a purpose, and those that serve none.

Thanks @N492ED I need to change habits and etc to change the way I push it

The good news is that we have live servers for both.

Many use Casual server to fly crazy fighter formation flights, or to try out how high or how fast an A380 can fly. The sky is the limit.

On Training and Expert server we aim for realism and flying by the rules. On Training you learn, on Expert we expect you to know.

So…take your pick, depending on how you feel today 😀

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Also I need to know more airports cause to be honest I get bored of doing

Lax-sfo mostly since I started

Test I have done other routes but I need to explore the global that infinite flight offers

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Spot on @azeeuwnl!

There are 10s of thousands, some with approaches that you couldnt imagine :). So many challenges, Mt. Everest, Grand Canyon. Rocky mountains, good God Infinite flight has the whole world.

Take your passengers on an adventure! I have gone within the Grand Canyon in a crj with my friend vectoring me from flight tracker at night!

Just thanks all I’m gonna apply it to my ♾ ✈️ Flights and bring the world to me

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Do it man! Take risk, be adventurous and update us on what you decide! I want to see it and hear from you!

We want to hear from you!

Thanks I like how you said that

It reminds me of this quote image

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One thing I have found for me that makes things a lot more fun is just flying without the AP. Maybe you already do this, but I don’t know. Sometimes, I disengage the AP up to 40nm from my destination, just to have fun, to feel free. Also you should try some fun approaches like Kathmandu or VXXX! Maybe join a VA if you are not already in one.

Sure will do that process

Hey there! In case you missed it, I recently made a thread about how I have fun in Infinite Flight.

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