Serious question about becoming a commercial pilot

I have recently become extremely interested in being a pilot and then I found this app. But I was wondering if someone can point me in the direction to get a license to fly like for companies like delta or southwest please and thanks!


(A simple google search should do it 😀)Try this and then there is a apply option (this is for southwest )

As for obtaining a Pilots license hopefully this link helps


Hi there!

Adding to what Justin said, here’s a forum where you can ask any questions about becoming a pilot and get answers from real pilots.


Both resources above should be good to answering some of your questions. Before I started flight school, I remember being incredibly confused about the whole process and about what each part of the process meant. If you have some specific question, shoot me a message and I’ll help if I can.

Disclaimer: I am not a commercial pilot, but I am in a flight school working on this rating with hopes of being a career pilot

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I would consider military piloting first. Most captains at Delta/Southwest are former military!

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I just spent the last 2hours reading through that site. I not going into flight school but still really good information. 👍🏼 Everyone should definitly go check that site out 10/10 from me!!!

Well the fastest way to be a commercial pikotnmy opinion would be go through a cadet program or a part 141 flight program. You can be a ATP pilot at just a thousand instead of 1500 hours or another good way is ATP flight school.! Airlines are steering too upgrade people too Captain with shorter hours due to the increasing pilot shortage


Step 1: Take a demo flight.
Find a flight school at your local airport and get yourself in the air. You’ll want to experience flying before committing to this career path because you’ll be doing a lot of it and you probably want to make sure you enjoy it first. Flying is not for everyone. And it’s better to be down here wishing you were up there, than up there wishing you were down here. Make this a standalone demo flight. Don’t commit to or purchase anything yet.

Step 2: Count your costs.
Becoming an airline pilot can be very challenging and demanding, and it takes a high level of dedication and passion to succeed. Even an accelerated program will take you two solid years of full time work just to be able to apply for an entry level position at an airline, and the process will require tons of time, effort, money, and sacrifice. Some folks find out along the way that they’d prefer to be an accountant or office manager and just buy their own plane instead of enduring the grueling process of becoming an airline transport pilot. Others gravitate towards corporate, sightseeing, agricultural, or some other flying career that works better with their existing lifestyle. The point is that no two pilots or pilot jobs are the same, and there are plenty of options for anyone interested in being a pilot.

Step 3: Start your training.
Seek out the many loans and scholarships available, as well as the different schools and instructors who can help you get your certificate. There are universities and community colleges that have programs, part 141 and part 61 flight schools, organizations like Civil Air Patrol, and even some internship and cadet programs available from a few airlines. Be aware that flight schools can go out of business with no advance notice, so avoid prepaying for anything as much as possible. Don’t waste money on any unnecessary extras, and consider buying a used airplane to build hours on. If you just want to get your feet wet, consider starting with a sport pilot/recreational certificate. You can always advance to a private pilot certificate and add your endorsements and ratings one at a time.

Step 4: Remember Step 1
If you get discouraged along the way, revisit why you got into flying in the first place. Flying is one of the few activities where the journey can be more fun than the destination. And while flying is a rewarding experience, it takes dedication to be a pilot. Determine whether you like it, love it, or gotta have it, and that will help you decide whether to get that next rating or not.

Step 5: Pass it on
Not everyone can be a pilot. You’d be surprised by how many people have taken lessons but never gotten their certificate, or how many others used to fly until something grounded them, so consider inviting folks to fill your right seat as you build your hours. Participate in programs like Young Eagles, Angel Flight, and Pilots N Paws. And when you’re finally sitting in the left seat of that airliner, and a little trainer plane is waiting for you to taxi by, throw them a smile and a wave. It’s something they’ll probably remember for the rest of their life.


Take a demo flight, give it a go!


Can’t stress that enough! I’ve seen enough young thrusters doing their training on a PPL medical only to fail a Class 1! Make sure you have it first!

Pay lots of money/join a cadet scheme/join the military.

Have fun. Wait for automation to take over the job. ;)

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Find a flight school. Search high and low. Take an intro flight. Look closely at the costs, and look around as well. If you really think that think Is for you, start taking lessons. If you continue, get your privates and your instrument rating. Get commercial license. Wait for openings ;)

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Exactly as @Yuan_Tugo said. You cant do anything as an airline pilot without your 1st class medical. From first hand experience make sure you would meet the standard for the FAA to get it.

This means

  1. Physically in good condition with no physical ailments.
  2. Mentally healthy with full history of any mental illnesses (if you do have a history they will send you to be examined by further AMEs to verify the presence and severity).
  3. Auditory and sight conditions fully capable. This means good eye sight (you can have glasses and contacts). A problem with unassisted hearing or inability to see on a normal vision (20/20 essentially) will get you disqualified.
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Also one thing to add: If you want to raise a family and be there for them, either forget about the family, or forget about the pilot job!


About how old are you? If you are under 18, you can join the Civil Air Patrol. They are a great organization that will help you become closer to your goal… Another option that I heard was amazing was taking a nice couple month vacation and go to Dubai and attend that Emirates Flight School.

PS: There’s nothing good in Vancouver

Best of Luck!

Under 18 I would recommend EAA Young Eagles or something similar to them, those people will help you closer to your goal then the CAP. CAP kinda helps but rarely will it.

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